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Trump Decided to Sign the Tax Bill Today to Prove Cable News Wrong

The president had reportedly planned on waiting until January to avoid risking automatic cuts to Medicaid. He changed his mind on Friday.


AT&T Is Handing Out $200 Million in Bonuses After the GOP Passed the Tax Bill

The company plans to give 200,000 workers each $1,000 as soon as Trump signs the legislation.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Senate passes huge tax bill, investigators wonder if Amtrak driver was distracted, Democrats split Virginia House after winning race by one vote, and more.


Elizabeth Warren: The GOP tax bill is for the rich, and no one else

“This is the same answer the Republicans have given for 40 years,” Warren said. “It’s just delivering one gut punch after another to hard working people.”


The GOP screwed up the tax bill and will have to vote again

Three provisions violated the Senate's "Byrd rule"


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Lawmaker accused of molesting teen girl dead from apparent suicide, House and Senate have tentative deal on tax bill, Russell Simmons accused of rape by several women, and more.


How to Keep Your Sanity in an Era of Divisive Politics, a 24/7 News Cycle and a Devastating New Tax Bill

Political anxiety is taking a toll on people’s mental health more than it normally does, ironically sending people to pricey-ish professionals and filling prescriptions that, ironically, their insurance may no longer cover.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Republicans close in on massive pro-wealthy tax bill, Trump calls Kate Steinle verdict "disgraceful," at least 13 killed in Pakistan Taliban attack, and more.


Moms Who Microdose with Marijuana

We talk about the stigmatized trend on this episode of 'The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast.'


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump goes after Al Franken over alleged sexual misconduct, GOP wins key votes for tax bill, Russian diplomat admits to "long list" of Trump contacts, and more.