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Billionaire Howard Schultz is very upset you’re calling him a billionaire

He suggests the softer "people of means"


What Kind of Tax Reform Should We Be Fighting For?

The Trump administration’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was unpopular with young Americans. Here are some tax policy ideas they should advocate for in the future.


Trump: Democrats who didn't applaud for me might be "treasonous"

President Donald Trump branded Democrats who failed to stand and applaud his State of the Union address last week as “un-American” — and even traitors.


Republicans Passed Their Tax Bill, Now They Have to Fix It

Expect that to take awhile.


Trump Decided to Sign the Tax Bill Today to Prove Cable News Wrong

The president had reportedly planned on waiting until January to avoid risking automatic cuts to Medicaid. He changed his mind on Friday.


AT&T Is Handing Out $200 Million in Bonuses After the GOP Passed the Tax Bill

The company plans to give 200,000 workers each $1,000 as soon as Trump signs the legislation.


The Big Republican Lie About Their 'Middle-Class' Tax Cut

The GOP has wanted to cut taxes on the rich for years. Now they're finally doing it—and telling everyone they actually aren't.


Elizabeth Warren: The GOP tax bill is for the rich, and no one else

“This is the same answer the Republicans have given for 40 years,” Warren said. “It’s just delivering one gut punch after another to hard working people.”


Do You Feel Rich Yet?

The market reached a record high. The Republicans are about to pass major tax legislation. What are you going to do with your money?


Doug Jones Can't Stop the Insane Republican Tax Bill

But the new Democratic senator from Alabama can throw a wrench into the GOP's future plans.


Everything at Stake in the Alabama Special Election

Here are the consequences of a Doug Jones victory or a Roy Moore triumph


On Top of Everything, the GOP Tax Bill Is a Giveaway to Lobbyists

The plan has a host of provisions that will give influence-peddlers plenty of opportunities to cash in.