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New Proposal Would Let Companies Further Screw You Over With Terms of Service

A long line of legal experts say the American Law Institute proposal would make an already huge problem dramatically worse.
Karl Bode
terms of service

Most Online ‘Terms of Service’ Are Incomprehensible to Adults, Study Finds

Reading the terms and conditions of online consumer contracts requires, on average, more than 14 years of education.
Dustin Patar
Internet Insecurity

Class Action Lawyers Say Equifax Can’t Prevent You From Suing Them

If you checked to see if your social security number was stolen, there's no need to worry that you've signed away your right to join a class action lawsuit.
Sarah Emerson

Facebook Unbans 'Trump Baby Dick' Artist, But Won't Let Her Post Images

The artist behind the viral image is still struggling to get full access to her Facebook account back.
Jenn Hoffman
Donald Trump

The Artist Behind ‘Baby Dick’ Trump Pic Is Now Banned from Facebook

The feminist artist who made a popular painting of Donald Trump in the nude ran is being penalized by the social media site.
Jenn Hoffman
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Here’s What’s New About Snapchat’s Updated Terms of Service

Don't worry, this has nothing to do with your private snaps.
Rachel Pick

One of My Instagram Followers Is a Prude

It took one of my own posts being deleted to make me realize how backwards Instagram’s nudity policies are.
Kari Paul
short circuit

‘Minecraft’ Creator Says Spotify’s New Privacy Policy Is Basically Evil

Probably because it’s terrible.
John Wenz

Steam Censored a Four-Pixel Penis

Steam doesn't allow nudity in game marketing images, but because the graphics are so simple, the “nudity” is comically innocuous.
Kaleigh Rogers

I Am Capital

We must become the owners and the brokers of our own data.
Hannes Grassegger

I Asked a Privacy Lawyer What Facebook's New Terms and Conditions Will Mean for You

"With Facebook and their clients now knowing where you eat, where you travel, where you shop, and who you are with, they could have a detailed database covering all aspects of users' lives."
Michael Grothaus
Motherboard Blog

The NYPD Gives Us Another Great Reason To Update Our Facebook Privacy Settings

NYPD police commissioner Ray Kelly issued a five-page memo last week, giving officers permission to created fake Facebook profiles to assist with electronic probes. Officers will be able to register their alias with the department and obtain a laptop...
Michael Arria