text art


This Brooklyn Art Space Wants to Keep Kids Out of Jail

Assembly is a partnership between Recess Art and the Brooklyn Justice Initiatives.


An Australian Type Designer Created a Kaleidoscopic Alphabet for the Year 3000

Australian type designer Barry Spencer creates mind-bending geometric art using letters.


Kara Walker, Juliana Huxtable, and More Challenge False White Recordings of Black History

'Excerpt' at The Studio Museum in Harlem shows black artists rewriting their identities.


This Artist Makes Heartbreaking Banners From Breakup Texts

Peyton Fulford's photo series airs out our dirty laundry.


Brilliant Text Animation Pits Bunny Against Robot

Nathaniel Akin's 'A Tax on Bunny Rabbits' uses text alone to create a charming and funny animation.


How an Underground Mail Art Project Wove Through London in the 90s

Matthew Higgs’ ‘Imprint 93’ incubated a wide variety of experimental artworks.


Vivid Textiles Voice Unspoken Thoughts About Global Terrors

The psychedelic embroidered works of Henry Hussey combine religious vestments, military regalia and the written word.


Chhhhk—Ding! Here's a Clever Animation Made Entirely on a Typewriter

This unique short tells the story of aviator and typist Amy Johnson's record-breaking flight from England to Australia.


Former 'Pee-wee's Playhouse' Cartoonist Makes Unexpectedly Funny Text Art

The former Pee Wee’s Playhouse set designer and puppeteer talks about his latest exhibition of word paintings.


Artist Carves the Entire Alphabet into Pencil Lead

Taiwanese carver Chien Chu Lee also carves Instagram likes and Christmas presents.


Words Become Monumental Works in the Hands of Idris Khan

Idris Khan’s 'Overture,' at Sean Kelly Gallery, explores global conflict and displacement.