The 2016 US Election

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How the world parodies Donald Trump

Milena Mikael-Debass
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Trump can't stop making excuses for the debate even though he says he won

As the GOP nominee floats excuses about his debate performance, here's our timeline of his extended blame game over the past 36 hours.
Alex Thompson
The 2016 US Election

Foreign hackers stole up to 200,000 voters' information, FBI says

The FBI said foreign hackers had stolen the data from two state election databases and advised state officials to protect their data.
Brendan James
2016 US election

Hillary Clinton just got her first intelligence briefing as the Democratic nominee

Her campaign said the briefing went on for two hours and took place at the FBI offices in White Plains, north of New York City, near the Clinton's home in Westchester County.
Tess Owen
The 2016 US Election

Trump's first general election ad uses Syrians and Mexicans as scare-props

"Syrian refugees flood in," the ad says. "Illegal immigrants convicted of committing crimes get to stay — skipping the line. Our border open."
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Gunman still on loose after killing of imam near New York mosque

Members of the Bangladeshi-American community in Ozone Park, Queens, blamed Donald Trump's xenophobic rhetoric for the killing, while police said they had no reason to believe the attack was related to religion.
Tess Owen
The 2016 US Election

Hillary Clinton made $10 million last year and paid a third of that in taxes

Clinton released her 2015 tax returns on Friday, showing she and Bill Clinton earned most of their money from speaking fees and book deals.
Benjamin Gilbert
The 2016 US Election

Trump now says calling Obama the founder of ISIS was 'sarcasm'

The GOP nominee again blamed the media for taking his comments at face value.
Brendan James

A foreign power could hack the US election, experts fear

Last month’s cyberattack on the Democratic National Committee has raised fears that a foreign government or independent operator could hack the US presidential election itself.
Benjamin Gilbert

Trump isn't backing down from comments some see as a violent threat against Clinton

Donald Trump and his surrogates on Wednesday attempted to walk back his comments on "Second Amendment people," pulling a dog-eared page from the GOP playbook: blame the media.
Brendan James
The 2016 US Election

Trump paints Clinton as "unhinged" to try and claw back from disaster week

After slipping in the polls and alienating Republican insiders, the presidential nominee is trying a new tactic: Hitting his opponent with the same accusations lobbed at him, but harder.
Tess Owen

Court of appeals strikes down North Carolina voter ID law, citing "racially discriminatory intent"

The ruling follows a similar circuit court decision last week that struck down a voter ID law in Texas.
Adam Hamze