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'The Fall' Remains a Modern Sci-Fi Classic, But Its Sequel Misses the Mark

A lack of focus and too much combat drag down the next chapter in a very promising series about artificial intelligence.
Patrick Klepek
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Mark E Smith’s Family Says He Died of Lung and Kidney Cancer

Smith's siblings have released a new statement on The Fall's website.
Lauren O'Neill
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The Few Games Where the Story Is So Good, You Need to Experience It Again

A sequel to 'The Fall' is almost out, and I'm wishing I had time to play the original again.
Patrick Klepek

Tiny Fingers' New Concert Video Is as Vast as a Nature Documentary

The Tel Aviv band go to the Dead Sea for one day and one night to play to the forces of nature.
Claus Schwartau
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Mark E. Smith Was a Complicated Bastard

The Fall frontman was ornery and confrontational, but we loved him for it.
Jason Heller
In Memoriam

John Doran Remembers the Adrenaline Rush of Meeting Mark E Smith

Champagne sipped out a half-pint glass and that inimitable laugh: The Quietus co-founder looks back on interviewing The Fall's late frontman.
John Doran
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The Fall's Mark E. Smith Has Died at Age 60

The band's manager announced via social media today that Smith died this morning at his home.
Noisey Staff
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Indie Dev Is Refreshingly Honest In Explaining Delay: Too Many Good Games

'The Fall Part 2' hit a last-minute snag, and suddenly it might release against games like Call of Duty. Oops.
Patrick Klepek
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'The Fall: Unbound' Looks Every Bit As Ambitious As We'd Hoped

One of gaming's best sci-fi stories will continue later this year.
Patrick Klepek

The Revolution Will Be Weird and Eerie

Mark Fisher's 'The Weird and the Eerie' tells us how to embrace the future.
Yohann Koshy
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The Fall' Is One Of Gaming's Most Overlooked Sci-Fi Stories

There's a teaser trailer for a sequel to The Fall, and it's a fantastic opportunity to catch a game you probably missed.
Patrick Klepek

PREMIERE: Listen to The Fall Buzz a 10-Minute Post-Punk Burner In "Auto Chip 2014-2016"

31 albums, not stopping ever.
John Hill