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Boris Johnson Must Know the EU Will Never Accept His Latest Brexit Pitch

Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn's scathing reply called it "worse than Theresa May's deal.”


Is Grey Squirrel the Next Great Sustainable Meat?

A London chef has started serving a slow-cooked squirrel ragu—because that's one species that there's no shortage of.


Please Stop Throwing Pizzas at This British Pond

Dozens of "pizza bases" have inexplicably appeared on the shores of Bradmore Green Pond, throwing locals into a tizzy.


Trump says he's loved in the U.K., as Britons plan mass protests

Donald says he gets fan mail.


A New Graffiti Exhibition Proves Bristol Isn’t Just for Banksy

'Graffiti Nation' shows the diversity of Bristol’s current graffiti and street art scene.


Refugees are Redefining the Future of Work in Glasgow

We spoke to the young Sudanese developer setting up a coding school for refugees in the UK.


Take a Peek Inside the UK's Epic, 18-Month Long Art Road Trip

40+ artists, 18 months, and 4 Cities: Inside the British Art Show 8.


Photographing the Smallest City in the UK

Like Twin Peaks, but without all the murder and stuff.


Winston Churchill Was a Racist Warmonger Who Tried to Sterilize the Mentally Ill

The "British Bulldog" is celebrated as a defeater of Nazis and champion of democracy. But he also hated Indian people, loved eugenics, and advocated for poison gas.


The UK Is Firing Shots at Cyprus’s Beloved Halloumi

Cyprus is applying to protect and monopolize on the production of halloumi cheese, but UK cheesemakers argue that their stuff is low-quality, industrial junk.


Avocados Are About to Get Way More Expensive

The UK, where avocado sales have climbed by 25 percent in the last year alone, is getting it the worst.


The EU Remains at Odds with Its Members Over the Safety of GM Food

The great GMO debate rages on as the EU shuts down draft legislature that would allow individual European nations to ban the use of GM food or animal feed.