tommy hilfiger

    • 3.4.19

      Zendaya Knows: Modern Fashion Demands Inclusivity

      On Saturday, Zendaya's effort for Tommy Hilfiger at Paris Fashion Week featured 59 Black models styled by a Black hairstylist and makeup artist.

    • 4.25.17

      Fashion Freaks Are Losing Their Place in NYC

      Astronomical rent and shifting trends are threatening the life of the legendary Allan and Suzi boutique.

    • 11.11.14

      Painted On Eyes

      Some people paint on their eyebrows. These people paint eyes onto their arms and walk around holding them up in front of their faces.

    • 11.7.14

      You Can Control the Models in This Fashion Shoot

      Thanks to some confusing programming stuff, you can make these models jump through the air or grab for flying saucers.

    • 7.15.14

      A Butt-Based Fashion Shoot

      Do you like butts? Do you enjoy fashion? Then you'll just absolutely adore this.

    • 5.16.14

      Twinning Is Winning

      For this fashion story, we found a bunch of twins and dressed (and undressed) them so many times, they couldn't even tell themselves apart from their biological carbon copies.

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    • 2.18.13

      The World's American Dream

      For this American-themed Fashion Issue we thought it would be interesting to ask our international offices to get in touch with their countries’ most influential designers and fashion icons to see what they thought of our country’s fashion sense.