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'Three Kingdoms' Is the Best 'Total War' Game in a Decade

Turns out a little 'Dynasty Warriors' is just what Total War needed
Rob Zacny
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What to Make of Microsoft and Sony's Surprising New Partnership

We also talk rogue A.I. and Chinese dynasties on this week's episode.
Patrick Klepek
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'Totally Accurate Battle Simulator' Captures the Goofy Mayhem of Mass Violence

Nobody knows anything and nobody is in control.
Dante Douglas

‘Total War’ Developer Says It Won’t Yield to Demands From Sexist Culture Warriors

The outrage about female spawn rates in 'Total War: Rome II' is fake.
Samantha Cole
Rome 2

'Rome 2' Finds the Limits of Reinvention in 'Rise of the Republic'

With a new patch and DLC, 'Rome 2' is the best possible version of its deeply flawed, awkwardly structured and paced strategy epic.
Rob Zacny
Total War: Three Kingdoms

How 'Total War: Three Kingdoms' Aims to Kill the Devil in the Details

With bigger maps, longer ranges, and reimagined sieges, 'Three Kingdoms' looks like it's granting a lot of fans' wishes.
Rob Zacny

'Thrones of Britannia' Is More Misadventure Than Reinvention for Total War

Some good ideas are buried by the bad ones, or obscured by some glaring problems.
Rob Zacny
Total War

Four Years After Launch, 'Rome 2' Might Finally Become a Great Game

Creative Assembly return to their epic—and epically flawed—blockbuster with an ambitious patch and a major expansion.
Rob Zacny
100 Deaths

Life and Death at the Spear Tip of ‘Total War: Warhammer’

On this field, on this day, I will pay the price for being poor and young and powerless.
Robert Florence