Desus & Mero

Shad Moss Tells Desus and Mero How to Hustle Smarter, Not Harder

The TV producer—formerly known as Bow Wow—stopped by the late-night show to talk about 'Like Mike' and how P. Diddy showed him the ropes.
Sarah Bellman
Art Fair

Take a Peek Inside the UK's Epic, 18-Month Long Art Road Trip

40+ artists, 18 months, and 4 Cities: Inside the British Art Show 8.
Andrew Nunes
thump news

Ben Pearce Pens Candid Essay on His Struggle with Depression

"This isn't talked about enough in music, but anybody out there who is struggling, go and seek help."
Alexander Iadarola
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Study Finds Musicians More Likely to Suffer Mental Illness

A new report says musicians could be up to three times more likely to suffer from depression than the general public.
Alexander Iadarola
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International DJs Will Have to Pay 42% More to Tour the US

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services recently issued a series of fee increases for applications and petitions.
Alexander Iadarola

How Alicia Bognanno Left the Sound Studio and Became Bully's Frontwoman

On this episode of VICE's 'Autobiographies,' the songwriter explains how she started out studying as a sound technician student and eventually became the lead singer of a successful touring band.​
VICE Staff

Alex G Opens Up About How He Gained Momentum As a Young Musician

In this episode of VICE's 'Autobiographies,' we meet up with the introverted Philly-based musician before he plays a hometown gig.
VICE Staff

My Slice of Life with the Pizza Underground

Playing in a pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band with Macaulay Culkin taught me more about the nature of celebrity—and pizza—than I'd bargained for.
Deenah Vollmer
the vice interview

Talking to Mark Hoppus About Conspiracy Theories and His Rave Phase

The longtime Blink-182 member talks Shakespeare, never sleeping, and self-doubt.
Hannah Ewens

Bands Tell Us About the Worst Places They've Crashed While Touring

Glamorous tales of rotting crack houses and having your head used as a toilet.
Graham Isador
thump news

Sasha Speaks Out About Anxiety Attacks at the Height of His Career in Recent Interview

"I couldn't cope with everyone knowing me, I couldn't cope with the lifestyle – it was mad."
Angus Harrison
dream dealing with zZz

Dissecting Parquet Courts' Surreal Stress Dreams About Endless Subways

Sean Yeaton is a brilliant bizarro and also the bassist of Parquet Courts. Whenever the band goes on tour, he has this recurring dream about a labyrinthine subway system and a vague destination he never reaches. We had an analyst interpret the...
Zach Sokol