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Straight Men Recall the First Time They Were Attracted to a Trans Woman

Tons of men are into trans girls, they just don't admit it.


Trans Disabled Teen Model Aaron Philip Is the Future of Fashion

She made history this summer as the first black, trans, disabled model to sign with Elite Model Management. And she's just getting started.


'We're Monumentally Fucked': Trans Sex Workers on Life Under FOSTA/SESTA

Trans sex workers, especially those of color, say their lives and livelihoods have been endangered by "anti-trafficking" legislation passed earlier this year.


How to Eat Out a Non-Op Trans Woman

Trans women who haven't had bottom surgery and trans sex experts weigh in on oral pleasure.


Fake Doctors Are Still Getting Away With Poisoning Trans Women

'Pump doctors' aren't required to use medical-grade products. Their silicone often comes from the hardware store.


Trans People Talk About What They Wish They Knew When They Were Younger

"I wish I'd known I needn't feel obliged to talk about my genitals to random people at parties."


How My Dad Helped Me Learn to Love Myself After I Came Out as Trans

I'll never forget the moment he first called me his daughter.


This Trans Porn Star Thinks Her Work Is Sacred

"I honestly believe that those things—human touch and intimacy—are things that could contribute to saving the world."


For Trans Women of Color, Safe Employment Is a Matter of Life and Death

With an unemployment rate four times higher than the general population, trans women of color face countless barriers when it comes to finding safe employment.


Bold and Beautiful: Behind the Scenes at America's Biggest Trans Beauty Pageant

For the first time in its history, the Queen USA transgender beauty pageant awarded a national title. With talent from across the country and celebrity judges like Caitlyn Jenner and Kelly Osbourne, the event aims to raise funding for healthcare for...


'I Love Trannies': Boxer Yusaf Mack Fights for His Attraction to Trans Women

A professional boxer, 36-year-old Yusaf Mack has gained renown as a national title–holding fighter in the US. But in 2015, after he lied about being drugged before appearing in a gay porn film, Mack's sexuality became national news.


The Straight Men Who Have Sex with Trans Women

Wanting to have sex with trans women is not synonymous with undoing the stigma against loving them.