It's Hard Being Young in a Country That Doesn't Exist

Photographer Anton Polyakov's latest project documents how young people in Transnistria are struggling to establish some form of youth culture.
Thomas Vorreyer

Photos from Transnistria, the Country That Doesn't Exist

The United Nations may not formally recognize the country's independence, but 500,000 Transnistrians deserve to be seen.
Adina Florea

I Went to a Country that Doesn’t Exist to Drink Its Famous Brandy

Located between Moldova and the Ukraine, Transnistria has yet to receive any international acknowledgement that it actually exists. Despite that, it happens to produce some extremely fine—and extremely expensive—brandy.
Emelyn Rude

Moldova Arrests 13 Accused of Plotting to Establish Russian Separatist Republic

Moldovan authorities detained 13 suspected members of a paramilitary group accused of plotting to attack the capital and seize control of another city.
Tess Owen
defense & security

Romania Is Starting to Freak Out About Russian Designs on Transnistria

Romania, a NATO member, is reversing years of military neglect, spurred by fears that it could end up with front-row seats for a Transnistrian replay of last year's events in Ukraine and Crimea.
Torie Rose DeGhett

Could One of the World's Biggest Bank Scandals Be Good for Russia?

Following the disappearance of a billion dollars from three Moldovan banks, protests have spiralled in the country's capital. Russian media is eager to paint the unrest as a Maidan-style revolution.
Jack Davies

Five Hundred Soldiers Fought Against One AK-47 Wielding Bride in Moldova

The military exercise also included threats such as a band of hooligans armed with sticks and drunk wedding guests engaging in local folk dance.
Cătălin Nicolae

I Was Arrested for Murder in Transnistria

The territory is officially recognized as a rebelling region within Moldova’s international borders. It’s not exactly an easy place to get to; there are no commercial flights and its neighbors are fairly hostile. Law enforcement there is a little...
John Dennehy, Craig "Questions" Scott

Moldova Has Politely Asked Russia to Move Europe's Largest Weapons Stockpile

Transnistria is sitting on what’s reputed to be the largest weapons stockpile in Europe — and is essentially a prepositioned Russian army.
Ryan Faith

The Other Side of the Same Coin: Meet Moscow's Parachute Politicians in Eastern Ukraine

The latest arrival from Moscow in war-torn eastern Ukraine joins a group of enactors of policy that come from the very top.
Harriet Salem

The Unrecognized Nation of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Faces an Uncertain Future

From 1988 to 1994, Armenia and Azerbaijan fought over the terrain in a war that killed up to 30,000 people.
Katie Engelhart
war and conflict

Tensions Are High in the Tiny Repressed Region of Transnistria

There's speculation that it could be the next Crimea, another victim of Putin's sudden desire to put the Soviet Union back together.
Sean Williams