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This 'Sinkhole' in Florida Turned Out to Be a Secret Underground Tunnel to a Bank

"I’ve only seen something like this in the movies."
River Donaghey

A Massive Underground Drug Tunnel to Mexico Was Found Underneath an Abandoned KFC

Feds stumbled upon the underground passageway after cops busted the building's owner with meth, coke, heroin, and fentanyl.
Drew Schwartz
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Watch This Guy Take Cops on an Insane Car Chase into a Subway Tunnel

People started rooting for the driver after he pulled a move straight out of 'Grand Theft Auto.'
Drew Schwartz

Why This Ex-'Angry Birds' Exec Wants to Build a $15B Tunnel Under the Baltic Sea

“I haven’t built tunnels before.”
Tracey Lindeman
Los Angeles

It's Official: Elon Musk Will Start Digging a Tunnel Under Los Angeles

Following meeting with President Trump.
Ben Sullivan
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Archeologists Have Found a Holocaust Escape Tunnel Dug with Spoons

The underground tunnel is believed to have helped at least 12 Jewish prisoners escape from a Nazi extermination site in Lithuania.
VICE Staff
middle east

Israel Has Just Destroyed the First Hamas Tunnel Discovered Since the 2014 War

This tunnel — equipped with an air supply system, electricity, and a rail track designed to excavate rubble — was destroyed by the IDF. But the military believe that there are probably more.
Harriet Salem
middle east

The Race Is on for Israel to Finalize Its Tunnel Fighting Technology

Israel is reportedly testing new tunnel-fighting technology which will use sensors to detect hidden activity. Time is of the essence as Hamas is rapidly rebuilding underground.
Harriet Salem
Crime & Drugs

Mexico Just Released a 19-Minute Video About El Chapo’s Recapture

The video reveals some previously unseen footage but leaves several questions unanswered about the operation, and contains an embarrassing mistake.
Jo Tuckman

In Photos: The Safe House Where the Navy Caught Up With El Chapo

The drug lord is back in a maximum-security prison after six months on the run. His dramatic recapture began with a shootout in a safe house and ended in a love motel.
Hans-Maximo Musielik

Cave Diving in the Nullarbor Is Like Floating in Space

How a rogue community of divers mapped thousands of water-filled caves in the Australian desert.
Royce Kurmelovs

'Comandante, There's a Hole in the Shower': New Audio of Chapo Guzman's Jailbreak

CCTV footage of drug lord's cell reveals banging clearly audible four minutes before he escapes through hole in the shower area, and guards take a further 18 minutes to arrive.
Reuters and VICE News