climate change

You Can Now Uber a Helicopter, but You Probably Shouldn't

A select few can now Uber a helicopter that, like all helicopters, pollutes the air and accelerates climate change.
Jada Butler

This Artist Is Hacking Google to Create Surreal Street View Art

Brooklyn-based artist Jason Isolini has inserted over 42 immersive pieces of art into Google Maps’s Street View tool.
Caroline Haskins

Pro Tip: If You Rob a Dunkin Donuts, Don't Take an Uber Home

This is not the first time a robbery suspect has opened the Uber app and ordered an on-demand getaway vehicle, but it's never a good idea.
Jelisa Castrodale

Uber Was Designed to Exploit Drivers

The company's disjointed, decentralized strategy makes it almost immune to labor action.
Ankita Rao

Slack Warns Investors It's a Target for Nation-State Hacking

As Slack prepares to go public, the company is warning potential investors that it's a target for malicious attacks from “sophisticated organized crime, nation-state, and nation-state supported actors,” according to an SEC filing published today.
Caroline Haskins

Lyft and Uber Want to Fund Better Roads...for Lyft and Uber

Rideshare companies are investing in public infrastructure, but only when it helps their bottom line.
Ankita Rao

Things You’re Doing to Save the Planet That Are Actually Terrible

That reusable cotton tote is polluting the air and water way more than a plastic bag.
Anne Gaviola
tax day

Gig Workers Are Overpaying on Tax Day

Workers for Uber, TaskRabbit, and Handy overpaid by 21 percent because of lost deductions.
Molly Taft
location data

EFF Says LA’s Scooter Location Data Could Unmask Individual Riders

This month, the Los Angeles Department for Transportation will enter the next phase of collecting the real-time location of scooters like Lime and Bird.
Joseph Cox
location data

Scooter Companies Split on Giving Real-Time Location Data to Los Angeles

Uber, which is pushing back against the requests for real-time location data of its JUMP scooters, was granted a provisional, month-long permit, while other companies received a full-year license.
Joseph Cox
The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast

Exploring The Ethics of Ridehailing Apps

Via strives to be environmentally friendly, wants to decrease traffic congestion, and pays its drivers more than Uber and Lyft—but is there a catch?
VICE Staff

Can a Ridehailing App Be Ethical?

Via pays its drivers more than any other company, focuses on environmentally friendly practices, and wants to decrease traffic congestion. But is there a catch?
Ankita Rao