Indie Baseball Meltdown Features a Trash Can Where an Umpire Should Be

A called third strike did not sit well with Brennan Metzger so he told the home plate ump a trash can was his home.


That Time a Replacement Ump Let the Montreal Expos Bat Out of Order

How can one player bat twice in the same spot of a game? In 1995, a replacement umpire named Don January made it happen.


Kerry Wood Reminds Twitter that Umpire Joe West Sucks

During Monday night's epic Cubs–Cardinals matchup, Joe West managed to needlessly remind everyone he was umpiring a baseball game, so Kerry Wood reminded everyone that West is the worst.


Throwback Thursday: The Ump Who Got Suspended For Spitting On A Player, And The Problem Of Discipline

Umpire George Magerkurth and second baseman Billy Jurges both spit on each other during an argument. The strange part was that both of them got suspended for it.


Recovering Ballplayer: Armando Galarraga and the Future of Umpiring

Ex-Major Leaguer Fernando Perez asks whether umpires are anything more than "animate kitsch" on the field. Is it time to embrace the future?


Korean Baseball Star And Former MLBer Ejected For Hilarious Meltdown

Former MLBer Koo Dae-Sung was ejected from a game after arguing balls and strikes by dusting off home plate.


The NFL-ification of Baseball Is Underway

MLB fans can look forward to more agonizingly long replays and more complicated explanations of rules during broadcasts.


Great Moments in Umpiring History

What's funnier than an umpire saying "Gangnam Style"? That's right: NOTHING


Baseball: America’s Racist Pastime

Brandon Phillips got really pissed earlier this week when Pittsburgh Pirate Jared Hughes plunked him. Baseball players get “unintentionally” hit all the time, but Brandon got extra heated and alleged that Jared called him “boy” during the altercation.