Tech Billionaires Are Building Their Utopias Without Asking Us

Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are charting humanity's future, and there's little the rest of us can do to influence them.
S.A. Applin
The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast

These Attempted Utopias Failed Miserably

On today's podcast, Oscar Rickett discusses some doomed experimental communities throughout history.
VICE Staff
Luxury Week

In a Utopian Future, What Counts as Luxury?

We asked some science fiction authors to define luxury in a utopia.
Ben Sullivan

Egypt's Silicon Valley-Inspired Plan to Build a Utopian Capital to Replace Cairo

Egypt says it's going to build a brand new Capital city for five million people, from scratch.
Brian Merchant

Lose Yourself in a Utopian Virtual London

An artist imagines a utopian London in explorable virtual worlds.
Victoria Turk
The Do It Well and Leave Something Witchy Issue

Atlas Mugged: How a Libertarian Paradise in Chile Fell Apart

Two years after Galt's Gulch Chile was founded, the utopian project is mired in personal and legal conflicts and investors now claim that the guy in charge is a sociopath and a con man.
Harry Cheadle

The Socialists Who Think Revolution Will Come When the Aliens Get Here

Posadists believe that any civilization smart enough to invent space travel would naturally be a socialist society, so when extraterrestrials arrive to our planet they'll be interested in overthrowing our capitalist system.
Kiveli Nikolaou
climate change

'Cosmos' Calls for Utopia: Here Are Five Ideas That Fit the Bill

'Cosmos' urged its viewers to indulge their inner utopians, whether that means solar cities, living buildings, or space colonies. Idealism for the win.
Becky Ferreira

Floating Utopias for the Age of Rising Seas

Now that we know that the tide is rising, it's time to break out the utopias.
Brian Merchant
Motherboard Blog

Your Utopian Vision of the Future Could Be Worth $10,000

Take your chance at playing Plato.
Ben Richmond