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Vegan Creamery Can't Call Its Product 'Cheese' Anymore

Blue Heron's product is made of nuts, not milk. According to a Canadian food agency, that means it's not "cheese."
Bettina Makalintal
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Turmeric Pickles and Brown Butter Make this Crudo Greater than the Sum of Its Parts

Adriana Urbina, formerly of now-shuttered NYC hot spot De Maria, shows us how it's done.
Danielle Wayda
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20 Vegan Recipes for a Meat-Free Summer BBQ

You don't need meat or dairy to have a successful cookout.
Munchies Staff

This Vegan Cream Cheese Might Be Creamier Than the Real Thing

London cheesemaker Lydia Davidson sells her cashew nut-based cheese in shops and cafes across the UK. Most customers aren’t even vegan. “It took a while for people to go, ‘Oh actually, that’s not that bad,’” she says.
Amber Bryce
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How an Australian Changed America’s Artisan Vegan Cheese Game

“I thought I would never have good cheese again,” says Imber Lingard, who took matters into her own hands and began culturing ten of her own unique vegan cheeses—and most of her clientele isn't even vegan.
Jack Rushall

Rejoice, Vegans: You've Now Got Your Own Bacon Grease

Chris Colohan of the legendary Canadian metallic hardcore band, Cursed, is busy becoming a living legend in the vegan community for his fake bacon grease: a rich, smoky-flavored spread.
Kim Kelly

Biohackers Are Trying to Modify Yeast to Make Vegan Cheese That Doesn't Suck

A team of citizen scientists hope bacteria can do our bidding to make the gouda of the future.
Jason Koebler