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The Viral Homeless Vet GoFundMe That Raised $400K Was Allegedly a Scam

This story just keeps getting more messed up.
River Donaghey
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Trump Reportedly Got into a Bizarre Fight with Vets Over 'Apocalypse Now'

The president apparently got sidetracked debating a bit of movie trivia in an exchange one attendee called "really fucking weird."
Harry Cheadle

Veterans Are Worried Trump Is Poised to Dismantle the VA for Good

“Just about everybody in the veterans advocacy community is freaking out.”
Mark Hay

Congress Is Too Cheap to Give Veterans the Benefits They Demand

All politicians say they want to help veterans. So why aren't they doing more?
Mark Hay
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A Vietnam 'Hero' Featured on FOX News Admits He's a Fraud

The network retracted the story ten days after being notified.
Drew Schwartz

Two Vets Honor the Dead and Save Lives at the Mexican Border

They install water stations and grave markers for the people who try to enter the US illegally via the treacherous Sonoran Desert.
Avery White
Joseph L. Boswell

Great Books About War by Authors Who Have Been in It

Here are some of the best novels and short stories about conflict by veterans and others who served.
Lincoln Michel

America Has Been Screwing Over Its Veterans Since the Revolutionary War

A dive into the long history of the US government making promises to soldiers, then breaking them.
Mark Hay
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A Veterans Group Aired a Brutal Anti-Trump Ad on His Favorite Morning Show

"You want to be a legitimate president, sir? Then act like one."
VICE Staff
Balls Deep

Thomas Morton Meets First Lady Michelle Obama on 'BALLS DEEP'

And FLOTUS reveals that she's a huge fan of the show.
VICE Staff

Michelle Obama on Why We Need to Be Doing More for Our Veterans

We spoke to the first lady about the difficulties our country's servicemembers and their families face when they return from active duty.
Dory Carr-Harris
Standing Rock

My Week Among the Freezing, Confused, Hopeful Veterans at Standing Rock

When US veterans traveled to Standing Rock to join the pipeline protests, they were hoping to protect Native activists fighting for their land and water. But many were also hoping to find a new purpose.
Cheree Franco