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The VICE Guide to Miami

Miami + VICE. Need we say more?


Trump Matters More for US-Cuba Relations Than Castro's Death

Even after Fidel's death, his legacy will live on thanks to his brother—what Donald Trump will do when it comes to Cuba is far more of a mystery.


How Baby Scumbag’s Quest for Social Media Fame Ended in Disaster

The former child skater pulled himself out of poverty with his viral videos––and even broke into Hollywood––but at what cost?


What Binge-Watching All of Charlie Brooker's Yearly Wipes Taught Me About 2016

I wanted to know if 2016 was the worst year ever, so I binge-watched the last seven years.


'My Fame'

A young woman remembers the glory days when she was semi-famous in Milwaukee, before the haters took her down.


All the Strange Ways Europeans Celebrate Christmas

VICE's European editors write about the craziest ways their countries celebrate the dark days of December.


'Your Character'

Forty different ways writers torture their characters.


The Cost of Losing Your Virginity Late

The problem with making up for lost time in bed.


'The Grave Bench'

A writer struggles to get a hold of the story of his grandmother-in-law's Christmas wish, for a bench that will sit by her tombstone.


Photos from the Scene of Berlin's Christmas Market Tragedy

Monday night a truck drove directly into crowds at Berlin's Breitscheidplatz Christmas market. Police have said they are treating the incident as a "presumed terrorist attack."


Millennials Are Making Pooping Cool Again

Our bodies weren't meant to poop on porcelain thrones.


'Derek Jeter,' a Story by Thessaly La Force

Two young women in the fashion industry try to keep their heads above water, whether it's by dating rich guys or stealing clothes from the magazine where they work.