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America's Top Corn-Growing States Really Love Daft Punk

Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska are apparently obsessed with buying 'Random Access Memories' on vinyl.


UK Vinyl Sales at 25-Year High

Over 3.2 million units were sold in 2016, which is 53 percent more than the previous year's figures.


Someone Is Already Selling Aphex Twin's Surprise 12" for $400 Online

He sold the mysterious, limited-edition record at Houston's Day for Night festival this weekend, where he performed.


BBC Finds Half of People Who Buy Vinyl Don't Actually Listen to It

"I just collect them, put them on my wall, and think they look great."


HMV, Britain's Biggest Music Retailer, Sold a Turntable a Minute This Christmas

This is yet another chapter in vinyl's cinderella story.


Science Says YouTube Is Growing Faster Than All Other Music Streaming Platforms Combined

More than 76 billion music video streams were delivered in the first half of 2015.


Jazz on Bones and X-Ray Audio: Chasing the Ghost of Soviet Russia's Most Dedicated Vinyl Bootlegger

How Soviet hipsters invented the first flexi discs...and were sent to the gulag for doing so.


Meet the Musical Clairvoyant Who Finds Ghosts In Your MP3s

This sound technician makes music from the bits cut out during compression, and it's mad spooky.