weird games


A Game About Rice Crispy Treats and the Terror of Being Food

‘Crisp Ricies’ invites you to play a fun game, and also contemplate the horrors of the food chain.


You Have to Go To Florida to Play this UFO-Video Game

'UFO Video' is something like an escape room mixed with an FMV game.


The Eerie ‘Get Even’ Feels Like a Cult Classic in the Making

I can’t work out where this game’s going right now, but I’m hopeful of it being somewhere special after a strong first impression.


Let's Talk About the Nintendo DS's Weirdest and Wildest Games

Today’s open thread ask is a simple one: What are the most wonderfully unusual (and ideally awesome) games you played on the mega-successful handheld?


How Flash Games and Newgrounds Foretold Today’s Indie Experimentalism

The Flash games I played were creative, weird, and often incredibly subversive, not unlike our current indie ecosystem.


This New 'Shower' Sim Makes You Wait for Soapy Digital Intimacy

In Robert Yang's "Rinse and Repeat," you give a new pal a deep scrub.


‘Deadly Premonition’ Remains the Weirdest Video Game of the Modern Era

Released at a time when big-box video games could be incredibly conservative, this Twin Peaks-inspired murder mystery offered a window into gaming's delightfully ramshackle and sometimes ugly past.


The Weird, Weird Games of the Nintendo 64

When the system was announced, legendary developer Shigeru Miyamoto said, “We are going to make lots of weird games from now on.” And he wasn't lying.