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During her Golden Globes Best Supporting Actress acceptance speech, Regina King promised to hire more women—and challenged "all industries" to do the same.


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5 Female Filmmakers Festival Events to Check Out This October

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The Woman Behind a New, Visionary Film Tackling Motherhood and Mental Illness

"Madeline's Madeline," which premiered at Sundance earlier this month, has astonished critics. We talked to director Josephine Decker about getting it made in an industry filled with old white men.


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We spoke to Jenny Slate, Gillian Robespierre, and Elisabeth Holm about their new film "Landline," a dark comedy that examines divorce and infidelity.


Female Dicks: A History of Women Detectives Challenging the Patriarchy

Behind every fictional female detective is the story of a subversive woman infiltrating a male-dominated world of mystery, intrigue, and misogyny.


The Best and Worst Portrayals of Women from the Toronto International Film Festival

We put TIFF films starring the likes of Kristen Stewart, Michelle Williams, Ellen Page, and Catherine Keener (among others) to the Bechdel test.


Hollywood Still Sucks at Putting Women On-Screen, Unless They're Scantily Clad

A new report on the top-grossing films of 2015 found that women, people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, and people with disabilities are still largely missing on-screen and behind the camera.