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UN World Food Programme Head Says Trump Budget Will Result in 'Starving Babies'

“No one in America believes that ‘America First’ means that other people must die.”
Alex Swerdloff

An Entire 21-Ton Airdrop of Food for a Besieged Syrian Town Has Been Lost

The pallets contained lentils, vegetable oil, rice, and salt, and could have fed 2,500 people for a month (there are currently 200,000 people living in Deir al-Zour).
Wyatt Marshall

Syrian Refugee Camps Now Use Eye Scanners to Pass Out Food

It may sound like something out of <i>Mission: Impossible,</i> but iris scanning technology is now helping humanitarian programs feed hungry refugees.
Wyatt Marshall

The Starving Syrian Town of Madaya Is Finally Getting Food Aid

Madaya, 25 kilometers northwest of Damascus and 11 kilometers from the Lebanese border, has been besieged by Syrian forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad and the Lebanese militia Hezbollah since July. Cut off from access to food, some residents in...
Wyatt Marshall

You Can Now Help Feed Refugees with Your Phone

The WFP has launched an app that lets users donate 50 cents to feed a child refugee from Syria for a day.
Wyatt Marshall

The WFP Wants to End Global Hunger in 15 Years

The World Food Programme believes that if people can’t feed themselves, there will never be peace. In the next 15 years, it hopes to achieve what it calls Zero Hunger—but it has some significant hurdles to jump.
Matthew Zuras

Meeting the Syrian Refugees Leaving Lebanon for Europe

Lebanon has taken in one million Syrians displaced by the war raging in their home country. Now, thousands are leaving every day on ferries for Europe.
Martin Armstrong
Syrian conflict

What It's Like to Cook in a Syrian Refugee Camp

In the Kahramanmaras camp in Turkey, Syrian refugees are able to recreate a small piece of home through their cooking, thanks to an innovative voucher and supermarket system by the World Food Programme.
Lauren Rothman and Matthew Zuras

ISIS Is Rebranding Stolen UN Food Rations with Its Own Logo

Photos have emerged online that apparently depict Islamic State members in Syria distributing food boxes stolen from the UN's World Food Programme, rebranded with the ISIS logo.
Matthew Zuras

The WFP Needs Cyber Monday Dollars to Feed Syrian Refugees

Today, the WFP announced that it will have to suspend its food voucher assistance program for Syrian refugees unless it can drum up $64 million, stat. And what do you know: it's Cyber Monday.
Hilary Pollack
West Africa

Ebola Has Created a Full-Fledged Food Crisis in Liberia

In Ebola's epicenter in West Africa, the virus's spread has upset the sale and distribution of food resources for millions. We spoke to the World Food Programme about the current state of food insecurity, the Jenewonda crisis, and the ways that we can...
Hilary Pollack

Ebola Might Leave Survivors Food-Strapped in Liberia

The first diagnosed case of ebola in the United States has sent some people in the West into a panic, but the reality of the virus is still far worse in West Africa, where the outbreak has sent some food prices soaring and potentially endangered...
Matthew Zuras