PREMIERE: Bad Luck's New EP 'Noise In Your Head' Is Timeless Punky Fun

Listen now and get good luck for the next 30 years.

af John Hill
09 oktober 2015, 1:48pm

Photo courtesy of Tragic Hero Records

Is there anything more important to a killer punk song than screaming along to it with your pals? It could be a long-ass night in the dorm, and you're about to turn in for the night, but instead you decide to just start yelling along to some Dillinger Four. It's a dope feeling, and a feeling you'll get when you listen to Bad Luck's new EP

Bad Luck is a band bent on playing resonant, exciting music from punky jams to acoustic goodness. Their new EP Noise In Your Head is a well-balanced meal of good tunes, serving up A song like "The Shitt" comes barreling out from the start, screaming and jumping all the way. The band slows it down in "Love Song," a quick refrain showing off the band's songwriting chops before launching into the next song. This release literally has something for everyone, a quiet song to play for a sweetie, a loud and fast song for the homies, which ever configuration you need. Get familiar with Bad Luck before you get left behind.

Listen to the EP below, and pre-order your copy right here via Tragic Hero.