John Reed

  • Η Γιαγιά μου η Δολοφόνος

    Πως είναι όταν καταλαβαίνεις ότι η γιαγιά σου έχει δηλητηριάσει εσένα και όλη την οικογένειά σου;

  • Seven Sonnets Read by Webcam Models

    Author, poet, and porn enthusiast John Reed got several webcam models to read his sonnets in the outfits and settings in which they’re usually stripping and titillating their viewers. These short videos put both the poems and the webcam models in new...

  • The Golden Age of the Cockroach

    The cockroach was a cultural muse of the 20th century, but it's curiously absent in the 21st. We’re looking at a generation of artists that didn’t grow up with roaches, that don’t live with them, that don’t relate to them, that don’t even know where to...

  • Seka, Raising Penises for Three Generations

    Sex in the 70s was Seka. Half Cherokee, half Irish, and looking like a perfect Hollywood trophy, or a divination of death from the Norse Gods—Seka was a flinty mirage of whatever fantasy you had. I called her up recently to chat about stuff like anal...

  • The Top Ten Reasons Not to Pay Your Friends for Sex

    Before you offer to pay your friend for flesh, you should know these things.