• I Went to a Gay Rodeo, and Now I Want to Bone Cowboys

    I never liked rodeos, because I had never experienced the rugged masculinity of the true rural cowboy. But after a day of chatting with some gay horse riders at the Alberta Rockies Gay Rodeo Association's rodeo, the sex appeal of the cowboy became...

  • Aliens Do It Better

    Boning an alien in real life has always remained a fantasy, but that will soon change when brothel owner Dennis Hof opens his “Alien Cathouse,” a sci-fi themed whorehouse down the road from Area 51.

  • Let a Prisoner Get Some Pussy

    One of the most counterintuitive things about prisons in New York is that special sexytime conjugal visits are only allowed at maximum-security prisons.

  • Can Twin Shadow Help Increase Interracial Boning?

    One day you’re dreaming about being seduced by Twin Shadow, the next day you wake up next to a guy named Lamone Johnson.