• Ayn Rand Crosses Over to Britain

    Ayn Rand's me-first philosophy of Objectivism has already infiltrated mainstream conservatism in the US, but as a recent lecture I attended shows, the hardcore capitalists are spreading their gospel on the other side of the Atlantic too.

  • Why Are Canadian Prisoners on Strike?

    There is a palpable amount of unrest inside Canada’s prison system right now, and it’s happening on all levels. Inmates are on strike, Kingston Penitentiary is closed, and Don Jail is soon to follow.

  • The Continued Stupidity of the Government Shutdown

    The world economy might be in danger thanks to a group of Republicans stuck in a feedback loop of information and a few powerful men committed to playing an extremely high-stakes game of chicken. This is not good.

  • Ted Cruz's Love Affair with the Sound of His Own Voice

    The senator from Texas is so caught up in his own preening, self-important rhetoric that liberals and even other Republicans despise him. But as long as he keeps his base of angry old white people happy, he'll be set for life.

  • The Canadian Government Is Withholding Documents Concerning the Torture of Children

    Despite numerous testimonies stating that children who attended St. Anne's residential "Indian" school were sexually abused and sat in an electric chair, the Canadian government refuses to release 7,000 pages of investigative documents that seemingly...

  • If Republicans Want Young Voters, Maybe They Should Just Stop Being Bigots

    The difficulty the Republicans have, see, in attracting young people is that the GOP tends to hate gays and young people see that for the vile bigotry it is. It's not the GOP's phrasing, it's what it's saying that makes young voters so turned off.

  • Medical Weed Growers in Canada Are Ready for a Fight

    Mik Mann is the articulate hippie and Frank Zappa lookalike we interviewed for our documentary BC Bud. He lives out in Port Alberni, a pretty remote town on Vancouver Island where...

  • After Michele Bachmann, America Needs Another Outrage Machine

    Michele Bachmann made a career out of saying "crazy" and "controversial" things and pissing off Democrats while giving a symbol for Republicans to rally around. She raised money for Republicans and Democrats by energizing both sides. If she didn't...

  • Go to Homeschool

    Some of my "classmates" were completely divorced from popular culture and the society around them, and their playmates were so selectively chosen that they were rarely allowed to interact with other kids at all. It showed. They were socially...

  • I Guess We Need to Say It Again: George W. Bush Was the Worst

    The important things he did and didn’t do when he was the most powerful elected official in the world were all pretty much uniformly awful. He had a chance to change the world in a real way and he made in demonstrably worse. Fuck him and his library.

  • Why Does Sarah Palin Want Your Money?

    Sarah Palin isn't running for office, she doesn't have a TV show anymore, and she's less and less politically relevant. But she really, really wants people to pay attention to her, so she made a video all about how great she is. What a likable woman!

  • CPAC's Blackfacing of Bad Ideas

    My first few hours at CPAC felt a little like being at New York Fashion Week—white people everywhere were asking to take my picture, which may have had something to do with the color of my skin. There weren't many brothers in the seats, though there...