• Όταν Ερωτεύεσαι έναν «Daddy»

    Ερωτεύτηκα έναν άνδρα 20 χρόνια μεγαλύτερό μου και έγινα ο «γιόκας» του.

  • Πέρασα μία Εβδομάδα χωρίς Ίντερνετ και Ήταν Απαίσια

    Πριν μερικούς μήνες, ξέχασα να πληρώσω τον λογαριασμό του τηλεφώνου-Ίντερνετ και πέρασα μερικές από τις πιο άθλιες μέρες της ζωής μου.

  • Fred Sasaki's Sticker Proposal for the City of Chicago

    The following correspondence is from a manuscript of emails titled "Letters of Interest," by Fred Sasaki. Subjects arise from spam and angst, anger and absurdity, frustration and fuckall—Eros and Thanatos from inbox to inbox. Enter to witness non...

  • Killing the Scourge of Email

    With spam, we’ve got something that everyone hates, something that is illegal to varying degrees around the world, and something that has, for the internet, amazing longevity. Why?

  • VICE Mail

    You know what? No letters page this month. You know why? Because we aren't receiving enough real letters.

  • VICE Mail

    How old are the editors writing your headlines? I get irony, I helped re-invent it after the 70s were over. You guys have given the words “gay” and “lame” the same meaning.