• Gorging on Wild Animals with the Sultans of Sausage

    Here’s what you need to know about the Rhode Island Rumford Hunting and Fishing Club’s annual meat feast: it’s not for outsiders. This manbash is for swinging dicks. It’s for straight white men with beards and guns and shirts that read "PETA: People...

  • World Peace Update

    This is a little awkward, but I just figured out that the guys on the Norwegian Nobel Comittee haven't been following this column, because if they had they surely wouldn't have awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union this week.

  • German Babes Love Long Rods

    While leafing through a sports fishing monthly in a doctor’s waiting room in Denmark, I accidentally discovered an untapped genre of amphibious soft porn.

  • Chocolate and Cheese and Striped Bass

    Since getting his captain's license last summer, Mickey Melchiondo, better known as Dean Ween, has been leading fishing tours off Long Beach Island, New Jersey.