• Τα Θρησκευτικά Τατουάζ-Σύμβολα Διαμαρτυρίας Ακτιβιστών στον Λίβανο

    Παρόλο που πολλοί δεν είναι ιδιαίτερα θρησκευόμενοι, τα τατουάζ έχουν γίνει ένας τρόπος να δείξουν αλληλεγγύη.

  • Twin Blasts in Lebanon Signal Intensifying Unrest

    Two car bombs rocked Tripoli—Lebanon's second largest city—Friday outside mosques frequented by Salafist preachers who have been vocal in their support of the Syrian opposition and critical of Hezbollah’s military intervention across the border.

  • Hezbollah Stronghold in Beirut Bombed

    Thursday’s explosion in the Dahiyeh—an almost autonomous state-within-a-state in Beirut that is controlled by the Lebanese Shia party Hezbollah—was the second of such attacks to hit the area in the last couple of months and signaled that Hezbollah's...

  • Renegade Clerics Are Battling Hezbollah in Lebanon

    Before the war in Syria, Lebanese Sunni cleric Ahmad al-Assir was a respected figure in his country. But as Syria's war has crossed over to Lebanon, Assir’s sermons have turned political, inspiring some Sunnis to wage war against Hezbollah.

  • Pop Stars and Radical Clerics Are Fighting the Army in Lebanon

    Lebanon is a madhouse. In the last two days alone, over 40 people have lost their lives in clashes between Sunnis loyal to hardline Sheikh Ahmad al-Assir and the interdenominational Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF). This latest outburst of violence began on...

  • Meet the Lawyer Representing Osama bin Laden's Son-in-Law

    The term "polarizing figure" has become a lazy way to describe politicians, pundits, and media figures for essentially being very loud about mostly superficial things. But there are still a number of people around who fit the definition perfectly...

  • Sectarian Tension Builds in Northern Syria

    Hajj’s story is just one example of Shia and Sunni Syrians cleaving down sectarian lines that mirror allegiance to the regime or to the opposition. Sitting in the salon of his family home in the Qoreitem district of Hayyan, Mustapha Outroo, 19, a...

  • Let My People Go (Party)

    For as little as $110 per day, you can forget your worries about Hamas and Hezbollah coming to get you and live it up with, as Israel Under 30’s website says, "2,000 smoking hot Israeli girls partying on the shores of the magestic [sic] Red Sea."

  • Israel Attacked Syria Yesterday, and Shit's Probably Going to Hit the Fan Now

    Yesterday, Israel blew up a convoy of trucks in Syria. The attack, which killed at least two people, apparently was aimed at stopping weapons from falling into the hands of Israel’s enemies. Israeli officials are saying this attack is part of larger...

  • World Peace Update

    Last week, Satan and his evil minions just barely managed to quench their thirst on a limited supply of human slaughter. Lucky for them, this week is a veritable bloodbath of failed peace attempts from an eclectic band of stooges including California...

  • Hezbollah's Wax Museum Theme Park

    How are you gonna get back to fostering hate at the rate you've become accustomed to?