Jeremy Lin

  • Marie Calloway on Her New Novel and Being Called "Jailbait"

    "I wondered if I should go into his apartment." That line opens Marie Calloway's debut novel, what purpose did i serve in your life. She does go in, and the following 240 pages are what happens next. Reviews and comments about Calloway’s novel...

  • Statue of Limitations

    Joe Paterno's statue was taken down, Jeremy Lin busted out of New York, and some baseball dude has a fake name.

  • Jeremy Lin Is Not Greedy, You're Just Stupid

    The reactionary wasteland that is New York talk radio is echoing the sentiment that Lin is ungrateful for the opportunities the Knicks gave him. That is bullshit. The Harvard grad played the Knicks at their own game. And Lin, like most athletes...

  • Knicks, Nixed

    The Knicks aren’t getting any more good players, and the guys they have aren’t good enough. Maybe you should read a book or something instead of watching Knicks games next year?

  • "Jeremy Lin" Part II

    Part II of Marie Calloway's "Jeremy Lin."

  • "Jeremy Lin"

    A few months ago, Marie Calloway became instantly internet-famous by publishing a story titled "Adrien Brody" on Tao Lin's Muumuu House website. This story picks up where that one left off.

  • Non-Racist Reasons to Hate Jeremy Lin

    He attracts Brooklyn couples with artisanal babies made from free-range semen, for starters.

  • The Linsanity Defense

    It's a favorite trope among certain types of sportswriters to compare various NBA basketball players to one pickup game archetype or another.