Martin Robbins

  • Are Chemical Weapons Actually Useful in a War?

    Bashar Assad gave the US an excuse to enter the war when he used chemical weapons against the Syrian rebels trying to overthrow him, but in this day and age such weapons aren't very effective ways of killing people.

  • Are You "Quirky" and "Interesting"? This Bullshit Dating Website Could Be for You!

    LoveFlutter uses bad science to make people feel insecure about themselves and essentially defines "interesting" as “a middle-class professional with conventional interests.” In other words, it's just what the world needs most: another crap dating...

  • David Cameron's War On Internet Porn Lacks a Smoking Gun

    David Cameron announced yesterday that he is working with ISPs in England to implement a blanket ban on violent porn. He will also be making it compulsory for adults to actively "opt in" to internet porn access.

  • Old People Need to Stop Telling Us That the Internet Is Ruining the World

    Baroness Susan Greenfield, a controversial neuroscientist, has an idea. It’s been hard to pin down exactly what that idea is, because rather than publishing a proper explanation of it, she’s spent the last few years promoting scare-stories about the...

  • Homeopathy Fanatics Protested in London

    Most reasonable people dismissed the idea that homeopathy might be able to benefit anyone years ago. It's been around since the 18th century, so it's not quite as old as trepanning, but it's roughly as illogical as drilling a hole in your head to cure...

  • Kenya's Slum Abortions Pit God Against Death

    While in Kenya, through a contact at a local radio station, a friend and I were able to access an illegal abortion clinic run by a Catholic doctor. The doctor, Peter, has been running the practice for several years but claims his faith is beginning to...