• Mt Eerie Doesn't Want to be Taken so Seriously

    Phil Elvrum aka the Microphones aka Mt. Eerie aka whatever he decides to call himself chatted to us on the eve of his third Australian tour. We discussed living in a log cabin alone in Norway for an entire winter and not remembering anything about his...

  • Norwegians At Home

    You may think that these Scandinavians are just a bunch of weird hillbillies, but these fuckers have got some excellent interior and home design going.

  • Vomit Rehearsal

    This is Norwegian black-metal band Vomit in their practice space. Vomit was formed around '82 by a few 13-year-old scumbags. They were also early members of Mayhem (who shared this very space with them).

  • The Saga Of True Norwegian Black Metal

    I met Metalion during a drunken night at Oslo's Inferno Festival in 2003. I was impressed by his kind nature and unparalleled knowledge of extreme metal, so we stayed in touch over the next few years, occasionally geeking out over cameras and records.