• Hurricanes and Projectile Vomiting Painkillers

    I had thrown up before during Hurricane Marilyn, but this was when I was seven years old, and drugs and alcohol were not the cause. Rather, it was the sounds of my childhood home crumpling on top of my family as we huddled in a closet that made me...

  • Interview with a Guy Who Puked on Hollywood Stars

    "Why did you do this?" "I was in LA, and I just figured why not. It’s all people I have a fairly large problem with." "Is it real puke?" "Yes. I tried to eat different gross combos of food, like for Wesley Snipes, I ate Doritos and milk."

  • Sameet Sharma Helps Us Remember Our Puke-Covered Roots

    Sameet Sharma takes pictures of his friends partying, puking, having sex, writing things on walls, peeing in public, getting into fights, and lighting things on fire. We like them, but they make us feel old.

  • On the Illness

    William was a puker. His expulsions—the color, consistency, and volume of a baby's—occurred after every sentence he spoke.

  • Bulimi-ania!

    Bulimia's fucked up. I just spent a week doing it to see what it's like, and I don't understand how those bitches survive.

  • Let It Out

    We barf more than any teenage girl could ever dream of.