• I'm Short, Not Stupid Presents: Asparagus

    The no-faced protagonist flows effortlessly through her over-stuffed, ostentatious home filled with pussy shaped lights and red velvet curtains covering fields of big dick surrogating asparagus, leaving us to wonder, “Why isn’t this woman masturbating...

  • Some Dash Snow Polaroids

    Polaroids that are nothing less than what we would expect to find in a posthumous series of lost Dash Snow pictures. That is to say, even though he's dead, he still makes us feel like a kid drinking a glass of Ovaltine in the corner at the bar. Here's...

  • Cat Fighters

    Now, that the last 20 (or less) Caucasian leopards living in the area are facing extinction, the war torn Nagorno-Karabakh enclave has finally become a matter of international concern, and the old war veterans have received all the supplies they need...

  • Dark Fruit

    How far would you go for a banana? Probably not farther than the grocery store.

  • I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore

    I've always had this belief that if you produce something beautiful, and it's packaged beautifully and has had some love and attention invested in it, then somebody will want it.

  • Books On A Budget

    Do you like spending shitloads of money on stuff you don't really need? I mean who are you, really, if you can't drop a couple thou here and there on what-ever-the-fuck? What's the point of even drawing another breath if you can't live a little?

  • Psych Brain

    I've been obsessed with collecting rare, "out there," and psychedelic records ever since I was a kid in Kentucky mowing lawns.

  • Free Brain

    The best thing I ever got in a rare record trade was a Volvo station wagon, which I got in 90 for some psych LPs.