• TV Killed the Lower East Side

    This week, I'm presenting my friend Jade Katz's new video, TV Killed the Lower East Side. With the help of Jade's pet rat, Petunia, the video shows how television and movies convinced millions of people to move to New York City, ruining the...

  • Hurricane Sandy's Rat Problem

    If the flooding happened after dominant rats took to the surface and drove the weaklings underground to die, New York City's rat population may have just gotten stronger.

  • I'm Scared of Storks

    Look at this thing. Who let this happen? A vulture scrotum poking out of a mantle of filthy feathers affixed to a two-foot-long pair of rusted old scissors?

  • Bin Banquets

    You may be under the impression that eating out of bins is a practice confined to tramps, starving refugees and really crazy people, but the phenomenon is becoming very popular among students and young arty types who tend to live in squats.

  • What’s With All The Weird Diseases?

    The 19th century wasn’t good to the Chinese and remnants of their “I am so fucking hungry I will eat anything” culture still exist today.