• Editing Homophobia out of the “Islamic Tradition”

    Slave rape, marital rape, and plural marriage might be unpleasant to consider as part of Islamic sexuality, but they are deeply embedded in our established sources. But I do not believe that Islamic tradition is frozen in stone. Every translation is an...

  • All the New Gay Boys

    With the current generation of gay men, there’s a constant pull between the old queer landscape and the new. What it meant to be gay ten years ago when I came out of the closet is not what it means today. It seems like we’re all just trying to play...

  • RIP Sally Ride

    Remembering the first American woman in space.

  • Cartoons, Cereal, and Sexual Awakenings

    Not a lot is known about female sexuality, besides that it is secretive and mysterious, and as complex as a blossoming rose. I tried to figure it all out by asking a bunch of girls what turned them on when they were kids.

  • Chinga Tu Madre

    Mexican photographer Jose Luis Cuevas has been working on a series of photographs documenting the world of homemade Mexican porn.

  • Coming Out Is A Bitch!

    "I’m 13. At first I felt like everybody was abandoning me and everything. My best friend’s family had kind of taken me in. But when I came out they kind of just left me, and now they completely hate me."