• Σε Αυτήν την Πόλη Βρέχει Σκατά -Αλήθεια

    «Ήταν σε όλη μου την ηλιοροφή, παντού πάνω στα καθίσματα, πάνω στο πρόσωπό μου, ακόμη και κάτω από την μπλούζα μου. Ήταν αηδιαστικό».

  • Γυναίκες Μοιράζονται τα πιο Ζόρικα Φετίχ Κοπρολαγνείας

    Πέντε κοπρόφιλες περιγράφουν γιατί τις ερεθίζουν τα σκατά.

  • Forget It, Jake, It’s the Chinatown Bus

    This week, the Fung Wah Bus company got shut down by the federal government after its buses failed safety inspections, which didn't surprise anybody who has ever been on one. In honor of the crackdown on one of the worst and best bus lines in America...

  • Have You Ever Pooped Your Pants?

    Who hasn't pooped their pants or at least squeezed out a shart or two on the long road of life. Pooping yourself is kind of like losing your virginity or going to war, people who haven't done it just can't relate. We asked some New Yorkers about their...

  • Home Town Heroes

    Everyone has a hometown story they wheel out to impress friends. That said, you can weird people out when you start talking about that time you had sex with a wine bottle on the beach. Here are a few stories about hometown pride.

  • The Best of Shane Smith’s Reddit AMA

    For those of you who aren’t versed in the grotesque world of r/spacedicks and r/mensrights, we've compiled the top 20 exchanges that took place today between our boss and the redditors of the web.

  • Question of the Day - What Will Toilets in the Future Be Like?

    What will futuristic shitters look like? How will the toilets of tomorrow work? What did the Jetsons poop into when they left the room? Here are some people's suggestions, accompanied by drawings that they did for us.

  • Lap That Shit Up

    Even if you think your shit doesn’t stink, consider that at one point or another your thirst has probably been quenched by water from a septic tank.

  • When Shit Happens

    A collection of horror stories involving my friends and feces.

  • Gross Jar 2012 - Part One: It's Alive!

    It's back and it's already awful.

  • What's New in Meat?

  • Over the Rail in ATL

    Just four hours earlier I was dancing like James Brown and then suddenly I'm being surrounded by doctors telling me I've broken my neck and I may be paralyzed.