short story

  • The Minor Outsider

    He was 29 and he liked to watch people shoot drugs into their arms on YouTube while he ate the Safeway version of Cheerios. He believed this had something to do with being afraid of, but interested in, death. He’d never done heroin. He was a coward.

  • Zanesville

    Nathaniel Rich was inspired to write “Zanesville” after hearing the real-life tale of Terry Thompson, who killed himself a few years ago after releasing 56 tigers, bears, lions, wolves, leopards, and monkeys from the animal refuge he ran in Ohio. All...

  • Turtle Boys

    David Ohle completely vanished from the literary landscape after publishing his 1972 debut novel, 'Motorman.' 'Turtle Boys' is a hitherto unpublished investigation of the mutant anatomy of turtle boys.

  • A Puzzle

    This is a short story by Lem that has remained unpublished in English until now. Its subject matter concerns a cyborg doctor of magnetics, robotic theology, “Jelly Brains,” and a lot of other esoteric and interesting topics.

  • On the Illness

    William was a puker. His expulsions—the color, consistency, and volume of a baby's—occurred after every sentence he spoke.

  • The Magicians

    There were two magicians and I hated them with everything in me.

  • Alligator Story

    Author Barry Gifford shares with us an unpublished short story about beheading, skinning, and gutting a gator in the Gulf.

  • Welcome

    I finally figured it out and I said it: You want me to leave? I said this because I did have small evidences. The day before they had gotten a little meaner, one of them especially, the bigger one, the one who had earlier been my champion.

  • The Welcher

    A box of Man Is the Bastard CDs named Dennis was riding a bicycle down the street. At the intersection, he ran into his old friend, a stainless-steel industrial sink named Hans. "Well, fancy meeting you here," said Hans.

  • Master WLTM Slave

    Andy is the landlord of a pub. It’s a young people’s place, and if I’m with him, those who recognise him look at me respectfully, but if I’m in there by myself, I feel as inconspicuous as an old man in a school uniform.

  • Two Stories

    Gina Berriault was not just a writer’s writer. She was a writer’s writer’s writer’s writer.

  • Quant

    Ross finally saw it on the freeway, just a few miles north of the airport. An animated auto-dealership sign blinked out the fall financing deals against the fading dusk, then flashed to announce SALESMAN OF THE MONTH JIM CURLAN.