• Η Θρησκεία της Σαντερίας Κερδίζει Έδαφος στην Κούβα

    Η σαντερία ή «η λατρεία των αγίων» κερδίζει έδαφος ως δημοφιλής θρησκευτική πρακτική στην Κούβα.

  • Συνέντευξη με μία Ταϊλανδέζα Δουλέμπορο

    Ο ζοφερός δρόμος προς την ελευθερία και τα διάφορα παρακλάδια του.

  • Go to Homeschool

    Some of my "classmates" were completely divorced from popular culture and the society around them, and their playmates were so selectively chosen that they were rarely allowed to interact with other kids at all. It showed. They were socially...

  • A People’s History of April Fools' Day

    Many date the day’s origins to the Persian holiday of Sizdah Be-dar, or “Day of Far Too Many Puddings.” In Scotland, a medieval holiday evolved into Hunt-the-Gowk Day ('gowk' meaning "Jew" in Scots). Whatever you call it, April Fools' is a tradition...

  • I Was Abducted by Gypsies

    It wasn't very much fun.

  • Slavery's Back!

    In Bucharest, you can buy a young girl for 8,000 euros. I mean buy them as in you own them forever or until you sell them to someone else. Most of them are sold by their parents in Moldova when they are little children.