Summer Camp

  • Babysit My Ass

    In April, after a battery of tests, at age three and a half, my firstborn son was diagnosed on the autism spectrum. I should have realized something was up when he lined 34 pancake bites across his highchair tray equidistant apart from each other in a...

  • The Summer Camp That Made Me a Commie

    At 15, I attended a week-long summer camp devoted to the power and glory of free enterprise that explored both the philosophical arguments for capitalism as well as the practical reality of it. I came out of it with a realization of just how awful the...

  • Wet Hot American Bummer

    Just hearing the words “summer camp” makes people think of fun games and swimming and popsicles and innocent over-the-pants handjobs. Little do they know, there is a whole other super serious, bummer-inducing breed of summer camps—the camps for at-risk...

  • An Interview with Akron/Family

    They may have invented chillwave, but they never pissed themselves at summer camp.