The Cops Issue

  • Grimewatch

    Grime is officially dead (according to a thread on the Dissensus message board), so we’ve finally decided to take Matt Mason’s advice and have spent the last few months undercover as a hairdresser called Paul in south London’s funky house scene.

  • Parisian Kids About Cops

    After the French police chased two kids to their deaths in October 2005 there were huge riots that pretty much tore Paris’s housing projects a new arsehole.

  • Vice Fashion - The Future Of Weapons

    Knife crime in the UK is out of control. Five percent of all crimes committed last year involved a blade. It’s got so bad, the government just introduced a new law that means even possessing one in public means you face five years in prison.

  • Vice Fashion - Cop Encounters

    We'd been smoking like Indians all day long. I was so out of it I felt like I was coming down with an extra chromosome. The police appeared out of nowhere and, at least to me, for no apparent reason.

  • Cop Shop Chic

    Justine Electra is a tomboyish 25-year-old Australian who lives in Berlin where she gets up to all the usual stuff: singing on other people’s records, DJing, bar work, remixing, journalism, sleeping late, boozing and partying.

  • Crust Vs Cops

    Annihilation Time hate cops as much as Black Flag Did. This is appropriate because no-one deserves their place in the LA hardcore punk rock “dynasty” as much as AT, as anyone who saw them on their recent UK tour will attest to.

  • The A-Z of Law and Disorder

    Ex-bouncer / criminal turned crusader against injustice, Bernard O’Mahoney is one of our favorite crime writers. We asked him for his views on law and order and he sent us this.

  • Stuck in the Middle

    I’m Dessie. I joined the Police Service of Northern Ireland three years ago and I’m based in Belfast. You may have heard of it. There are sometimes some mild disagreements between Protestants and Catholics here.

  • Conspiracy Theorizing

    Rick Ross is a monster. In fact, the conspiracy-minded blog The Black Operative alarmingly described him as hip-hop's new Frankenstein-a cross between Freeway's beard, Suge Knight's intimidation factor, and Young Jeezy's street credentials.

  • "I Am a Cop."

    I am a cop. I go to work in the morning just like any guy. I may drink some coffee and drive around, or it can be ACTION ACTION ACTION all day long. You never know.

  • Police Story

    There are around 128,000 trained police officers in the UK.

  • Records

    I'm a go on record and say this: T.I. isn't really a dope rapper. I don't know what the big deal is about the guy. I couldn’t even recognize him on a song until like a year ago.