The Hole

  • Jaimie Warren Is Having a Show at the Hole Gallery

    A lot of you guys love Jaimie Warren, but many people have come to me and said, "I don't live in Kansas CIty. I wish I could see her work in person." Well, never fear! Jaimie is packing up her sweets-dispensing blob suit and taking her talents to lower...

  • There's a Photo Show at the Hole Opening Tonight

    'Attachments' features tons of VICE's favorite photographers, people like Andrew Kuo, Asger Carlsen, Jason Nocito, Jessica Eaton, Jim Mangan, Kate Steciw, Peter Sutherland, Sandy Kim, and Tim Barber. We talked to curator Kathy Grayson about it.

  • Raging Apocalyptic Viral Zombies

    You have no idea what happened in this chair.