• Ο Έλληνας Graffiti Writer με το πιο Χαρακτηριστικό Στυλ

    O Speg μας εξηγεί την σχέση του με το graffiti και το lettering, τα τατουάζ και τις «γλώσσες που μιλάνε πολύ».

  • A Teacher and Her Student

    Marilynne Robinson was my fourth and final workshop instructor at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. After receiving my MFA this May, I left Iowa believing that there’s no good way to be taught how to write, to tell a story. But there is also no denying that...

  • Amy Hempel

    Together with writers like Raymond Carver, Barry Hannah, and Mary Robison, Hempel has been canonized both into the “golden age” of the short story and as a minimalist writer.

  • John Rechy

    John Rechy’s City of Night remains, almost 50 years later, the essential novel of the neon-drowned world of rough-trade hustlers, 24-7 drag queens, and the gentlemen who crave them.

  • Bryan Garner

    He was David Foster Wallace’s favorite grammarian, and that, for savvy grammar fascists under the age of 40, is like a recommendation from Jesus.

  • Mary Karr

    Karr handles gruesome experiences with such compassion, charm, lyricism, vividness, and mordant comedy that the work transcends mere horror story or freak show. Her storytelling melds scrappy Texas slang with poetic precision and is totally addictive.

  • Sam Lipsyte

    2010 was when fiction critics decided to finally give Sam Lipsyte the two-fingered whistles he deserves.

  • Charles Burns

    The author and artist behind uncannily creepy comic books like Black Hole, Big Baby, and Skin Deep. In his work, he’s created a world that feels like an eerie parallel to those of David Lynch and some of Lovecraft.

  • I Was Looking For A Street

    Charles Willeford transcended the crime genre to which he was relegated by most publishers and critics. But if Willeford only wrote pulp, then so did Dostoyevsky and Hemingway.

  • Employees Of The Month

    A few words from Sandy: “My name is Sandy Kim and I live in San Francisco and I’m five feet tall. I have a collection of all my friends’ hair on my wall and a shrine to my boyfriend next to my bed.

  • Ursula K. Le Guin

    Any major science-fiction gourmand will tell you that Ursula K. Le Guin is among the most compelling writers living today.

  • Two Stories

    Mike Sacks has written for Vanity Fair, Esquire, GQ, The New Yorker, Time, McSweeney’s, Radar, MAD, New York Observer, Premiere, Believer, Maxim, and Salon.