These Pigs in a Blanket Are the Meaty, Carby Breakfast You Deserve

These Pigs in a Blanket Are the Meaty, Carby Breakfast You Deserve

So much more than just delightfully trashy finger food, these pigs in a blanket from Lucky Peach's Chris Ying start with really great pancakes.
April 18, 2017, 3:00pm

Look, it's fair to say that most people think of pigs in a blanket as the sort of delicious but semi-trashy finger food served at the family reunion in your chain-smoking aunt's backyard. But they're so much more! Or at least, they can be.

Bread and sausage are two of the most beloved and ubiquitous categories of food—it only makes sense to enjoy them together. Lucky Peach editor-in-chief Chris Ying explores this idea heartily in his new book The Wurst of Lucky Peach, which indulges in the wonders of wieners. While making sausage at home intimidates some, there are ways to take store-bought sausage and turn it into something magical.

Take, for instance, these jumbo pigs in a blanket. Really, they're just some of the best, fluffiest pancakes you've ever had, engulfing some savory sausages and begging for a pour of maple syrup. They're sweet and salty, meaty and carby.

RECIPE: Pigs in a Blanket

Perhaps the best part? This recipe is so easy that you can throw it together without even having to put in your contacts. Then you can take your reward, go wrap yourself on the living room couch in a blanket with a fork and a bottle of maple syrup, and chow down until your own porcine side comes out. After all, you are what you eat.