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Off the Beaten Path: Miami, Exploring Culinary Diversity

Chef Zapata takes you Off the Beaten Path to explore Miami's culinary diversity, from The Daily Bread Market Place, to El Carajo, tucked away inside a gas station.
February 27, 2016, 4:00pm

In episode two of Off the Beaten Path, Chef Zapata shows you how different cultures influence Miami cuisine. He makes his first stop at The Daily Bread Market Place, one of Miami's best Middle Eastern restaurants. Then he makes his way through a gas station to discover a truly hidden gem, El Carajo for some of the best paella Miami has to offer.

Disclaimers: Shown with options. Vehicle loaned to talent Do not rely solely on the Bird's-Eye-View camera when parking. Always look over shoulder and use outside mirrors. Environmental factors may affect camera view.

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