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Chef's Night Out: Walter's

We went out with Walter Foods owners Dylan Dodd and Danny Minch and a few friends for sushi, Italian, bourbon, tequila, and meatball sandwiches.

So you're a typical all-American boy, and you meet a potential sex partner on OkCupid who doesn't seem terrible. After the second date things are looking pretty decent, and now you need a not-too-expensive place to go for dinner and drinks that also has to be super casual so you can wear your [band name] T-shirt so she will learn that you enjoy listening to [band name]. You live in north Brooklyn and don't want to go into the city. Dinner will have to be late at night because she works an adult-seeming job that gets out at 10 PM and can only meet you at 10:30, and chances are she'll be late because women. Where to go?


The answer is Bamonte's, of course, the 100-year-old Italian place under the BQE that's staffed by ancient waiters. It's not cheap and the food isn't that good, but they have photos of famous old Italians on the walls. Perfecto.


The real answer is Walter Foods in Williamsburg, or its sister restaurant, Walter's in Fort Greene. Their French dip is, like, mmm-oh-shit-oh-shit, and the burger is all fuck-fuck-fuck. The wings are amazing, too. And good news for lovebirds: the owners have said on camera (our camera!) that they don't mind too much when people make out in their restaurant. That's the vibe they've created—their food and ambience make you want to give someone the business.

For this episode of Munchies, we went out with Dylan Dodd and Danny Minch, the owners of Walter Foods and Walter's, and a few friends for sushi, Italian, bourbon, tequila, and meatball sandwiches. Enjoy!

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