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Watch This Woman Just Straight Up Destroy a Gym

We’ve all thought about it, but someone actually started swinging barbells at a Toronto Good Life health club.
All photos from Instagram video taken by Troy Joe.

Look, unless you’re one of those fitness freaks who we all secretly despise, all of us hate the gym.

We go because we have to—not because we like it—but, even with that hatred burning in our hearts, we typically, as a rule, don’t destroy the fucking place. But, as with all good rules, there are exceptions—one woman in Toronto (bless her heart) decided to break from the norm and tear apart a Good Life gym piece by goddamn piece.


In a series of videos posted to Instagram by Toronto rapper Troy Joe on Sunday, the woman is seen going full Hulk-destroyer mode in the Liberty Village gym—nothing, not even a treadmill, is safe from her barbell swingin’, weight throwin’ wrath. “When you're not summer body ready and it's already June!! (swipe left),” the rapper wrote as a caption to the video.

The first of the three videos starts simply enough with the woman walking up to a treadmill with a barbell sporting a couple weights on the side. Then, with no warning, she starts swinging that barbell, and goddamn does she ever go for it—not once or twice, but four times she brings the barbell down onto the treadmill. Seated two treadmills over is a man who is seemingly entranced by her antics. Wisely when she finishes up he grabs his water bottle and towel and quickly skedaddles away.

In the second video the woman is being talked to by a Good Life employee while casually curling a weight—the weight is Chekhov's gun. It seems like the interaction quickly went south as the woman stops curling, makes a quick pivot, and whips the weight at the wall. Then, to up the ante, she grabs yet another weight and hucks that one at the wall because fuck walls, right?

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Carrying on the epic journey we are on, the third and final video cuts a little forward in time where the woman is being confronted by some gym rats. Things are, shall we say, heated. “Get the fuck out of here,” one man yells and seemingly threatens her. Some mild pushing happens and she finally walks away.

The final thing in the series that Troy Joe posted is a simple photo of the damage that the woman caused to one of the windows in the gym. In the comments on his video, Troy Joe said that he didn’t know why she decided to beat the fuck out of the treadmill, writing she “wasn't letting anyone stop her.”

According to Blog TO, the gym confirmed that the mad barbell swinger was arrested and escorted out of the gym. Hopefully, she was done her workout.

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