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MUNCHIES: The Podcast Gets Smoked Out in Toronto

For MUNCHIES' Chinese Food Week, we spoke to Toronto pitmaster Nick Chen-Yin about his Hakka roots, Texas barbecue, and multiculturalism in Canada.

We've left NYC and just touched down in Canada.

In our first of two episodes from Toronto, we're talking to Nick Chen-Yin, chef and owner of Smoke Signals BBQ, where on the menu, you'll find Texas brisket, Carolina-style pulled pork, fish-brined Thai-inspired chicken wings, Jamaican jerk, and a tropical coleslaw with pineapple and mint, among other eclectic dishes.

Nick's parents are Hakka Chinese who came to Toronto via Jamaica. Tune in as we explore Toronto's incredible cultural diversity and learn some secrets from the pitmaster of Smoke Signals.

In the spirit of MUNCHIES' Chinese Food Week, Helen Hollyman and Canadian staff writer Nick Rose also talked to Chen-Yin about  a recent article he wrote for us about the Hakka peasant staple ham choy and pork, his obsession with barbecue, and the joys of operating a wood smoker in sub-zero temperatures.

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