Put Yourself into a Self-Induced Food Coma with These Greasy Recipes

Put Yourself into a Self-Induced Food Coma with These Greasy Recipes

Eat yourself better with these hash brown, pecorino pizza, and fried chicken recipes. You can start on the #cleaneating goals tomorrow.
January 1, 2016, 6:00pm

How great was last night?

Blew a week's rent on the taxi fares? Got so drunk you actually missed midnight because you were telling a girl at the house party you crashed how much you love her shoes? Pretended you knew the words to Auld Lang Syne (again)?

Yeah. Pretty hungover now, though.

There's only one cure for that: grease. You can start on your clean eating goals tomorrow, today is all about making the most of those final, sweet days during which wearing pyjamas past 11 AM and fighting with your adult siblings over who gets the last green triangles in the Quality Street box are considered acceptable activities.


First things first: hash browns. Australians don't fuck around when it comes to hangovers and neither should you. This olive oil-packed recipe from Aussies-in-Paris Sarah Mouchot and Nico Alary is just what the doctor ordered. Serve with poached eggs and mushrooms as you plan your inevitably overreaching resolutions for the year ahead.

Because if you can't go big on a New Year's Day breakfast, when can you? Another totally appropriate way to ring in 2016 is with the Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich from LA's Eggslut eatery. Don't scrimp on the butter or the pork loin chops, your homies will thank you for it.

Maybe you're not a breakfast person, that's cool. Stay in bed an extra hour but don't even think about reaching for the Domino's app. Nordic chef Kris Schram's leek, pancetta, and pecorino pizza has everything you could wish for in a pie-based hangover cure. Plus, no waiting around for the delivery guy and his abstract take on the concept of 30-minutes-or-less.


Sometimes, though, a hangover requires a back-to-basics approach. It's hard to go wrong with the humble grilled cheese sandwich, especially when you follow My Two Cents' chef Alisa Reynolds' lead and throw some grilled shrimp in there.

Vegans go hard too, y'know and as such, need suitably plant-based hangover cures. Step forward the vegan beet burger, a hearty patty doused with creamy cashew cheese and a tasty, cruelty-free pick-me-up. There's also vegan powerhouse John Joseph's "Teriyaki Chick'n" burritos—perhaps not as greasy as some of the offenders on this list, but packed with all the carbs you need to induce a mid-Gossip Girl marathon food coma.


But back to the meateaters. Let's remember that if all else fails, we'll always have fried chicken. You could go fancy and make Angela Dimayuga's koji fried version (maybe even with the cucumber salad, if you can face green stuff today) or keep things simple with the perfect fried chicken recipe.

Either way, you'll be seeing in 2016 on a cloud of salty, chicken-y, greasy goodness.

Now that's a happy New Year.